Coming soon…

Moving from

God damn this is nice!

Just need a decent theme.

9 thoughts on “Coming soon…”

  1. L’appartement est encore vide!!!
    Mais… déjà quelques odeurs…
    Je m’installe en attendant

    Harry Steed

  2. Glenn says:

    Feeling grey? Take a look at your life.

  3. swan_pr says:

    Perrasite, ça s\’en vient!

    Harry: aux premières loges!

    Glenn: you are so right! Thank you for pointing it out. this is very dull gray… But I\’m still shopping for decoration 😉 I\’ll keep your comment in mind!

  4. DAVE says:

    Well you got the curtains goin’ 😉

    Come on get to work woman 😉

    Just transfer over right away and redecorate as you go along. If ya need help with WordPress lemme know. I’m still working out the kinks and I ain’t no pro, but I am your humble servant. And hey I can make little icons now with photoshop for the URL box 😀 (I think mine is kinda cool)

    Anyway, can’t wait to see this place up and running.

  5. swan_pr says:

    you\’re right. I\’ve been thingking about this all day. just transfer all my crap and get this show going. I\’m sitting here bowsing themes and plugins like an idiot… thanks a lot. I swear I will take you up on this. sooner than later.

  6. franky says:

    Sorry, I have been pretty busy in the last days. I will send you an email for your sidebar in the next hours, together with a list of the plug-ins I use/recommend. 😉

  7. swan_pr says:

    franky: no worries. thanks for the help!

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