Bits of a new one

“I’m lost, I’m lost can’t you see?”

(While thinking, thinking she was headed somewhere until Victoria’s Secret’s catalogue came out)

Hodge Podge. When you say it out loud, it sounds like some kind of desert. Always wanted to write that. Like lost like water we fly over words when they run when they try to get away with it. Door’s wide open man, step right out. I ain’t running no more.  I wanna tell stories ’bout mah ded kitteh and ’bout that time when Ah loss mah job.

She doesn’t look like she’s read any intelligent books. I read that once and could not help wondering if it was about me.  Then I thought, how could it be? Now I think, who gives a fuck? I read Esquire magazine for my overpaid overworked no-time-for-arts-and-culture capitalist pig needs while puking eco-propaganda around me like I was fucking David Suzuki’s heir. I never pretend though. I can sleep at night because I think about buying a Prius. But now I’m told Ethanol is the root of all evil. Gotta keep up with these damn lobbyists! I’m thinking. I might not read anything printed anymore, but I sure am informed. And opiniated. On my way to being cultured and politicized enough for anyone who cares. Then again, I have to stay close to the commoner. That’s why I support my hockey team and watch tv.

One thought on “Bits of a new one”

  1. Manon says:

    I am running shoes dogybag
    evil root don’t speak flag
    anarchie for sale Jéhovah said
    praid the lard
    praid the lard

    lobby-procrith on nease
    needs niddles niz nitch

    did i told you i did’nt speak gold ?

    does my english wheel as i can see ?

    yeah damn right

    I can see.


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