Don't surround yourself with yourself

got my head around what I do wrong. the things that I do that end up hurting me and no one else. the pains I go through just so that I don’t hurt others is one of them. what I can’t grasp is how one can hurt deliberately, knowing exactly what the actions, words or silences will do and still do it. what’s beyond me is how a person can consciously harm and live with it, be ok with it, sleep well, even look the other in the eyes and not acknowledge what they are reflecting. control, power, self preservation, no matter. selfishness should not justify being mean to others. it angers me that this is the one thing I cannot read nor feel. always happens after, when it’s too late. it makes me sad in so many ways.

I latch onto the good. to a point where everything else becomes invisible.

because I will never stop believing there is good in each of you.


One thought on “Don't surround yourself with yourself”

  1. McComber says:

    Latch on to the good.
    And keep keepin' on.

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