4 thoughts on “1975”

  1. DAVE ID says:

    Cool Pic 😀

  2. swan_pr says:

    Thanks 🙂 I think it’s my favorite picture of everything. favorite house, favorite chair, favorite aunt in the background. later that day I had some Bazooka and blew balloon so big it stuck to my hair and my mom had to cut my bangs. summer drama 🙂

  3. Il se dégage beaucoup de tendresse de cette image, on te retrouve bien là! Une belle présence…

    Je t’attends ma belle, n’oublie pas!

  4. swan_pr says:

    Merci blue… 🙂 Oh non, je n’oublie pas, j’y pense de plus en plus!! (stress, joie, anticipation, apréhensions, NAME IT!!) j’ai vraiment trop hâte xxx

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